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The Top 4 Accessories To Make This Pool Season Fun

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These are the Hottest Gadgets for Your Pool

In spite of a rough start to summer with so many spring weather fluctuations, it’s nearly upon us and along with summer comes skyrocketing temperatures and the desire to lounge around at the pool. For millions, this is a time to relax and enjoy time centered around the pool in the effort to stay cool and keep the little ones entertained.

Hanging out at the pool doesn’t always mean just sitting and watching the kids, why not find some ways to get in and enjoy the water with them? You’ll stay cooler and can enjoy some great family time activities. It’s a great way to enjoy the summer and get some relaxation in for everyone.

Along with this element of entertainment are some great things to do in the pool. Here are the Top 4 pool accessories to make your pool season more fun and exciting. Pick and choose, mix and match and plan out your summertime adventures.


Start with some lighting for the pool. This way, you can enjoy it at dusk and beyond without having to stress over where everyone is. You’ll be able to clearly see everyone when you invest in some Floating LED Jellyfish Lights.

There’s nothing like some lighting to keep everyone enjoying the weather. You’ll appreciate that these float and you can afford plenty of them to light the way. The best part about it all is that these jellyfish don’t sting.

You can also add in some other LED lights along paths and in the landscaping elements to enjoy your pool during the evening hours. Everyone will admire the beauty of the changing colors and the LED lights will reflect beautifully off of the water. Always choose solar LED lighting for the pool area whenever possible, this will help you to conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Some lighting can be easily installed by yourself while others may require a professional pool company.


What’s a pool party without some music? There’s nothing like some music to enjoy while you’re relaxing the day away at the pool. Floating LED speakers will help you to have plenty of fun sound for your pool event.

Set your floating speakers up in areas where the sound begins to fade from the regular speakers and regardless of where everyone is at, they’ll be able to enjoy their favorite tunes.

So go ahead and crank the music and liven up the party with some fun limbo music or music to play some of the next few games with. You’ll enjoy the fun and the activities and the kids will have a great time.

Pool Games

What’s a day at the pool without a few games to enjoy? A Floating Pool Ping Pong Table is an ideal game to have on hand at the pool. Work together in teams or singles and paly the game.l You could also use a “medicine” ball and play ping pong that way if you wished.

VolleyBall is another fun and exciting pool game. Divide up into teams and let the water buoy you around. everyone can enjoy and play and no one has to be left out if you plan ahead. Even a good old fashioned beach ball can add to the fun, why not incorporate some beach ball volleyball into your next pool party?

Marco Polo is another fun game and you can have soft cloth blindfolds at the ready for each team. Limbo is a fun pool game as well. Change the tunes for different games and focus on tunes that evoke the idea of specific games and you’ll have a winning game plan all summer long.

You could even set the tunes to a specific “end of the day” tune that alerts everyone that when this particular song is over, it’s time to get out of the pool for the day. That way, as the song, plays kids can be getting in their last hurrah of the day.

Floating Coolers

Those comfortable floaties that everyone is using may make for a bit of a thirst. Have a few floating coolers in the pool full of ice and cool refreshment. There are many great options to choose from and kids will enjoy helping you to fill it with ice and their favorite juice or beverages.

Don’t forget that these can also include a snack section. There’s nothing quite like some chilled snacks to enjoy the time at the pool. There is a variety of easy to prepare finger foods that can survive the cooler floating in the pool and add to the mood of the party.

Don’t forget to include a section in the cooler to dispose of the used containers so that they’re not lying about the pool area in a pile. It’s nice to keep things neat and tidy and avoid clutter to help avoid falls.

Pool Lounges

There are a variety of great lounges to choose from. You can choose floating models or poolside models. These come in blow up models that will require an air compressor (or a lot of hot air from that chatty teen) or you can choose a more stationary model that doesn’t require being filled with air.

Lounges come in singles, doubles, and more. They come with drink holders, footrests and other elements that can make an afternoon at the pool far more relaxing and exciting for the adults.

Now that you know what you need to enhance your next pool adventure. You can go out and get it and begin to plan your summer at the pool. Have the kids join in on the search and be sure to get their input, it will be a great way to involve them in the planning and keep them engaged with the adventures.

You’ll be surprised at what they come up with but who knows? It just may be the most memorable summer ever once you pick out your favorite pool accessories.

Spending the summer at the pool can be great fun and these fun pool accessories will greatly enhance the adventure. Don’t forget plenty of sun screen and some sunglasses to complete your adventure. Your skin will thank you.

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