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5 Most Successful Creative Businesses

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Nowadays most people seek the option of starting their own businesses rather than seeking formal employment only for different reasons such as wanting to supplement their income or just to a more flexible schedule. Whatever the reason, starting a business is usually a good idea so long as one is well prepared and hard working enough. Some businesses may require a lot of capital but others only require creativity and very little or no capital. Although there are many creative businesses out there, below are only 5 most successful creative businesses.


From designing mobile applications to designing fashion items, designing is one of the most lucrative businesses one can venture into. People will always need different types of clothing and accessories to remain stylish and the technology that keeps advancing creates the need for newer and better applications to help people in their daily lives. All these create a vacuum that any designer benefits from and builds a thriving business out of. Some specific areas to get into include designing jewelry, logos as well as landscape designing.


The constant need for new content and helpful information has made blogging a very important business. Whether they do it just to entertain readers or to teach them something new, bloggers excel in this business. The wide range of topics that one can choose as a niche makes this business more interesting.

Being a stylist

Those who help other people with their makeup and outfits have a very successful business. It doesn’t just work for celebrities but also to every other person creating a large client base. Apart from helping others with makeup advice, you can also help them pick out appropriate and fashionable outfits for different occasions as well as hairstyles. Another niche would be to become a prop artist. Whatever field you choose to specialize in you have to be very creative to boost your chances of becoming successful.


Interior decoration and cake decoration are some of the decoration business ideas that are most creative and very successful. This is because people will always need beautiful homes and cakes for different events. From weddings to birthdays, cake decorations will always be needed.

Being an author

From fiction to inspirations, authors can never run out of something to publish about, which makes writing one of the most successful businesses. One can write novels, short stories or even educational textbooks and become very successful so long as you use your creativity to produce content that’s unique from the others.

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