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It is widely expected that business trends in the world will increasingly change over the years. That is because of the presence of millennials whose population has increasingly been on the rise and also the increased adoption of the digital technology. It is important to note that it’s the same millennials who are largely behind the meteoric growth of the digital age.

For better planning and implementing effective marketing strategies and also in knowing the business gaps that exist, one must be in a position to keep tabs on the creative business trends. Subsequently, here we provide you with some of the top news for creative business trends in 2018.

I. Hiring of employees remotely

A number of startups and tech companies such as IBM are increasingly hiring employees remotely. That is because programming, customer service and social media positions only require access to reliable internet connection and an internet enabled devices such as a computer and a tablet.Meetings can be arranged over video conference platforms like skype especially with talented millennials.

II. Green products

Especially the millennials are increasingly becoming conscious of the products they buy and use as a result of the numerous information available at their disposal. They are increasingly caring for the earth because of the many challenges we face. Going green is all about saving energy, saving water, saving trees and preferring to use public means of transport (reduce the emission of harmful gases) among other things.

III. Visualization and video marketing

There are a number of exciting and often informative videos that can be found online. For example, there are videos of a baby laughing, kittens playing or a popular model promoting a product.

The next question you should ask yourself, iswhy are some video popular while others are not? And what encourages a customer to like or share a particular video and make it popular?

The answer lies in visualization,the use of visually rich and interactive elements that serve to excite the video viewer/s

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have adopted highly-engaging video features which are increasingly being used by brands to differentiate their brands.

From the above, we have only given some of the top news for creative Business trends in 2018.There are also a number of other creative business trends such as the products that track nutrition and help in achieving health and fitness goals.

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