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Tips On How To Clean Silver Engagement Rings

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If you were given a silver engagement ring, and it has been several years, you might notice that the metal has become tarnished over time. This is a common occurrence, one that is going to happen, especially with those that are over a decade old. There are certain things that you can do which will clean the ring up, and not damage it. There are others that you should never do it all. Here are a few of the best tips on how to clean Silver engagement rings so that they look just like they did on the day you receive them.

First Determine What Is Causing The Discoloration

The very first thing you need to do is figure out why the ring is no longer shiny. Most people automatically assume that it has to do with some chemical process that occurs over time. What they may not realize is that it could be something that is much more simple. It could simply be dirty from being stored at the bottom of the drawer, or perhaps it was dropped and nobody wiped it off. If it is that simple, you won’t have to worry about the cleansers that you will need. Simply wipe it off and it is good as new. However, that is usually not the case. You will instead have to use certain cleansers that will clean it but not hurt the silver.

What Cleansers Should You Avoid?

Although this should be obvious, there are three specific types of cleansers that you may use around the house, that you should never use with an engagement ring. First of all, never use acetone, chlorine, or bleach on that ring. These can actually break down the metal, which means it will start to look worse than it did before. If you can’t use these cleansers, what should you use if you want to get it back to normal?

Best Cleansers To Use With A Silver Engagement Ring

There are a couple things you can use that you probably have at your home. The first is hairspray. You could spray it on, and after a few seconds wipe it off. This should remove any type of buildup. If you have lotion, that will work. If you are using any type of makeup, or even perfume, these are makeshift cleansers that will do the job. If you would prefer not using any of those at all, you can soak your ring for about 40 minutes, and scrub it with a toothbrush, using nothing but soapy water.

These tips should help you preserve your silver engagement rings. You and your spouse may have had them for many years. The last thing that you want to do is ruin them by using the wrong cleanser. This is a common mistake that many people make. They are so desperate to get them back to normal that they do not realize what they are doing. By avoiding the chemicals listed, and using the strategies presented, you can easily clean your silver engagement ring without damaging the metal. Shop EDC to find exquisite collection of jewelry.

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