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History of Creative Business

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The term creative business is mostly associated with some of the most popular business trends but it has been around for a very long time. The practice of making jewelry or even poetry has been around for the longest time. Unlike in the other businesses that require one to set up heavy and expensive manufacturing equipment, creative business can be set up even with the simplest hand tools that one can use at home. Although the jewelry making business by artisans started as long as 7000BC, it wasn’t given much attention until recently. This has been attributed to the economic growth in different parts of the world that has led to most people using their personal talents to earn a living and even create employment.

Most people have tried to analyze the changes and trends of the creative businesses since the mid 20th century. This has seen a tremendous improvement in the recent past and has taken over different industries. Since the years 2008 and 2009, this sector has also been introduced to the education system in a bid to aid in its continuous growth. Access to knowledge pertaining to this discipline is increasing to young people who continue to take advantage of that knowledge to build businesses.

The wide use of the internet has also helped in driving this business to higher levels since it makes it possible for the artists to reach the customers directly without needing an intermediary. Marketing has also become easier with the online platforms that also allow one to sell products virtually and deliver them later. The fact that creative businesses also produce unique materials that can be associated with an individual person has also led to the growth of this industry. However, even with these many factors that lead to the growth of the creative business, the demand for some of the products in this industry can be uncertain and can therefore lead to failure or higher risks.

With proper guidance and maximum creativity, those who participate in this industry can use their talents to create empires that not only benefit them but can also benefit other people who may seek employment from them. One need to be open to learning new skills since the world changes daily and they should also manage the business wisely to see endless growth. Like any other business the creative sector comes with its fair share of challenges and benefits but it’s one of the most enjoyable and flexible industries to venture into.

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